Combat Services

Combat Services

Falcon is the leader in Protest/Labour Dispution Security Services in the Eastern Cape and one of the leaders in South Africa.

Our "hands on" approact at Falcon ensure that there is always one or more Directors on site taking control and overseeing any large security detail which in turn ensures that our high levels of competency and service excellence are maintained.

This dedicated management approach has seen us maintain a 100% success rate on every single security detail we have been deployed on. To date there has not been a single protest action incident we have not been able to take control of. Mission success is what drives us, as we appreciate the negative financial implications of having to rebuild infrastructure lost due to protest action.

While in the past we have had to resort to tactical options to bring protests under control, we always choose negotiation over the use of force. We ensure that when the time comes to engage protestors and use the force necessary to bring the protest action under control, we are comfortable in the knowledge that both our client and the protest leaders know that we have exhausted all other means to reach a peaceful resolution.

Another aspect of our operation that differentiates our operational teams from those of competitor companies, is that irrespective of our operators' previous experience, all our operators from Directors down all, pass through our in-house Training Academy, namely Falcon Firearm Academy. Falcon Firearm Academy is a PFTC/SASSETA and SAPS accredited training provider. As a minimum all our employees have completed Crowd Management Training, relevant Firearm Training, Ceramic Marker Gun Training, First Aid and Fire Fighting Training. All the above training is conducted by our in-house Instructor who has extensive experience as a Tactical Policing Instructor Level 1 & 2, Tractical Response Team Instructor, Street Survival Techniques Instructor in SAPS and is a certified KMG (Krav Maga Global) Instructor, PFTC/SASSETTA Instructor, Facilitator, Assessor and has the relevant Range Officer Certifications.

We spend a great deal of time and money on Refresher Training for our operators and when we are not on deployment, our operators are put through training evolutions covering Crowd Managment, Firearm Training, and use of Non-Lethal Munitions.

We deploy dedicate surveillance teams who photograph and video record all protest activities for evidentiary purposes.

In an industry where you very definitely get what you pay for, our expertise in the field and our results on the ground offer value for money that is hard to beat.

We are not the largest in the industry but the combined operational experience of our management team and our security operators exceed most, if not all, of the largest names in our industry.